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Mark Otten

DJ & Producer

Mark Otten has a wealth of experience in the studio and music industry, both as a DJ and a producer with releases on labels including Armin van Buuren’s Armind (Armada Music) and Tiësto's AFTR:HRS, and support from DJ’s such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, W&W, Tiësto and many more. Mark's recent successes as a co-writer, instrumentalist (e.g. guitars), producer and mix/mastering engineer for the likes of Martin Garrix, U2, AREA21, Armin van Buuren and many more put him firmly at the heart of music today.

Mentor & Coach

As a former mentor & coach of Martin Garrix and other students including Julian Jordan, Firebeatz, Deepend, CMC$, De Sluwe Vos, We Are Loud, Maduk, Pythius, (Lucas &) Steve and SWACQ, Mark is one of the leading names in music education worldwide.

Teaching Experience

Additionally, Mark has many years of experience teaching music production at some of The Netherlands’ most prestigious music education institutions, such as the Haarlem Conservatory, the Rockacademy and the Herman Brood Academy, where he set up the Dance Producer department.

Releases by Mark

As an artist, producer/DJ and songwriter with releases on prestigious labels such as DJ Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS and Armin van Buuren's Armind (Armada Music), Mark has a thorough understanding of the needs of an artist.

Alex Vasi

Producer & Engineer

Alex Vasi is a powerhouse within the global music industry today. From producing and recording to mixing and mastering chart topping hits, Alex’s services have rapidly become in high demand. Collaborating with the likes of Kriss Kros Amsterdam, Tory Lanez and Dutch superstars such as Ronnie Flex and Boef and with streaming numbers totalling over half a billion to date, Alex Vasi is a force to reckon with.

Some highlights are his co-production, guitar playing and mixing for the number 1 album 'Remi' by rapper Ronnie Flex and delivering the mix and master for Holland’s most streamed song of 2019, ‘Hij Is Van Mij’ by Kriss Kros Amsterdam with Maan, Tabitha and Bizzey, topping the Dutch charts for 7 weeks straight.


Music has been a driving passion throughout Alex’s life. After getting admitted to the The Hague Royal Conservatory as a violinist, then taking up guitar and playing in several bands, he discovers electronic music, starts DJ-ing and immediately falls in love with it. Expanding his skills yet further he starts producing himself and lands a spot at the Dance Producer department of the prestigious Herman Brood Academy, with class mates such as De Sluwe Vos, Collé and Martin Garrix and Producer Coaching's Mark Otten as his teacher. After graduating and signing a management deal, Alex quickly starts to make a name for himself, working on some of the biggest pop, dance and urban the Netherlands in all kinds of roles: producer, mixer, mastering engineer, guitar player, etc.


Today, Alex is also a teacher at the Herman Brood Academy, teaching both music production and music theory at the Dance Producer department where he once walked around a student himself.

During his 3 years at the academy, Alex discovers his love for teaching and starts providing both music production and DJ-ing masterclasses. Gaining more experience in teaching, all the while making a bigger name for himself as a producer and engineer and so becoming an inspiration to his students even more, eventually leads to Alex's former education offering him a spot at one of the most highly regarded music production schools in the world, the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Arjen Thonen


Music production is not just about the technical side of sound. More importantly, it’s about drive, emotion, energy, vibe and Dutchman Arjen Thonen is a true expert in transforming these aspects into music. With 15 years of experience under his belt, while only just in his thirties, Arjen is in the prime of his music career. Up to this point, Arjen’s main project has been his SWACQ venture but things have shifted fast recently, focusing on collaborating and doing projects with the likes of Tiësto, Nicky Romero and Deorro as well as more pop oriented ventures like with Black Eyed Peas drummer/producer Keith Harris, for instance on the Eurovision smash for Spain, ‘Chanel - SloMo’.


If you love EDM and bass house, you know SWACQ. SWACQ releases have appeared on some of the biggest labels in the world, including STMPD RCRDS, Spinnin’, Hexagon and Musical Freedom. If you’re into clubbing or festivals, chances are you’ve been dancing to one of Arjen’s performances, with highlights including an Asia Tour performing at the infamous Club One Third and going back to back with Tiësto at Wet Republic Las Vegas. Having experienced the electronic music scene from all these angles working with some of the biggest players out there, it’s safe to say Arjen’s knows the music business inside out.


Having attended the now legendary Herman Brood Academy, where he was taught amongst others by Producer Coaching’s own Mark Otten, Arjen has been at the forefront of electronic music education. This since then inspired him to always serve as a mentor to his peers. Now, Arjen feels it’s time to give his love for coaching more space and support the next generation: ‘I love working with people with a great sense of drive. I feel this is a necessity to take your career to the next level and when it’s there, combined with talent, I’m here to guide you, sharing my experience and my production and mixing secrets with you.’


STMPD studios & remote

Producer Coaching by Mark Otten sessions take place at the STMPD studios in Amsterdam or remotely via online.


Taking part in the Producer Coaching by Mark Otten program does not give you any extra opportunity to get involved with the STMPD RCRDS label or its artists, including Martin Garrix. Producer Coaching by Mark Otten operates independently of STMPD RCRDS.


and answers

1Your coach(es)
You can choose your own coach, whoever you prefer.

All of our coaches are vastly experienced in the studio and music industry, whether it's as DJs, producers, songwriters and engineers. See above for more info on each coach individually.

It is always possible to switch from one coach to another for your next cycle. You can for instance do your introductory session(s) with Alex and switch to Arjen for a cycle with him. Switching within a cycle is not possible.
Planning of sessions is taken care of by email at [email protected]
3Is there a fixed schedule (e.g. once per month) or is it flexible?
The schedule is flexible and designed to meet your needs, we have coachees attending from abroad doing an intensive program of multiple times per week but we also welcome coachees that for instance do sessions in once every month. Options may vary per coach.
4Can I book multipe sessions at once?
Yes. It is quite common to book multiple sessions to secure a spot in the coach's schedule.
5STMPD studios
Producer Coaching by Mark Otten operates independently from the STMPD studios yet offers music production training and coaching in the STMPD studios. We provide an opportunity to bring your music to a new level by developing the areas of your music skill set that you want to improve.

Sessions will be held in the producer rooms of the inspiring STMPD studios, equipped with the finest quality audio hardware and outstanding acoustics.
6How do remote sessions work?
The remote Producer Coaching sessions work through Zoom in combination with Audiomovers.

Zoom makes it easy to not only do standard video conferencing but also share your screen or hand over control if needed.

Audiomovers ListenTo is a service that enables streaming of stable and uncompromised audio (in case internet bandwidth is limited, Audiomovers can be used at lower but still great audio quality too).

When you're selected for the program, we send you instructions. You don't need a paid Zoom or Audiomovers account.
7What is the difference between a studio and a remote session?
Although both types of coaching have its place, there are differences. We feel there is a clear added value to being in the same room, because you're both listening to the same acoustics and system. Secondly, it could potentially contribute to a more efficient and deeper learning experience.

Remote sessions however have proven to be a great alternative. Making use of the perfect audio quality that Audiomovers provides most, if not all, of what you can learn in a studio session you can learn in a remote session as well. At a lower price, and without the need to travel to Amsterdam, this could certainly be the right choice for you.

It is always possible to combine the two, for instance start out with a remote introductory session and then come to Amsterdam for a studio session cycle, or follow up a studio cycle with a remote cycle.

Pricing Remote Sessions

Remote = online sessions
Individual coaching
Session duration: 2 hours

Introductory session

Cycle (5 sessions)

Pricing Studio Sessions

Sessions take place at STMPD Studios, Amsterdam
Individual coaching
Session duration: 2 hours

Introductory session

Cycle (5 sessions)

*All sessions are also available for DUOs, effectively cutting the price per person in half.
Including VAT when applicable.
Payment in advance will be required.
Please contact us for more information.


"Mark is an amazing guide. He has a lot of patience, he made me wake up and start pushing myself. I had a lot of fun."

– Maor, Israel

"Arjen was very knowledgeful, great at teaching, and showed me practical examples right away of how I could improve some of my tracks. I can already say my production skills have improved after one session with Arjen."

– Daxton, Canada

"Alex is a great coach and easy to communicate with. He adapted to my style of music quickly and was able to understand quickly what I'm going for."

– Dan, United States

"I most certainly would recommend this program, the opportunity to work in such a highly-regarded studio with such a highly-regarded mentor was a privilege."

– Adam, Australia

"Alex can sense and hear what you need easily and explain things directly but easily understandable. He can give lots of tricks and information in a short time so that you can make efficient use of the session."

– Lars, the Netherlands

"Mark gave me back my freedom [in making music]"

– Daniël, the Netherlands

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